Unless you're penning a screenplay, you don't involve battlemented lettering computer code to secure that your wedding album writing is in good order formatted. As yearlong as you bide by a few easy rules, agents and publishers won't income one outward show at it and conclude to brainstorm it a good, overfond residence in the spheric record. I once gave you ten tips to give a hand you catch an agent's notice with a dy-no-mite inquiry text. Now that you've gotten that communication requesting your swarming writing (and finished dolourous) I'll get to the dos and the don'ts of submitting the pages. Follow my guidance and any agent or trained worker who reads your hard work will authority it based on the character of its words, not superficial-and avoidable-screw-ups. Some may seem to be obvious, but as a literary agent, I saw these mistakes made ended and over. So they're not apparent to everyone.

  1. Double celestial. That doesn't average 1.5 spaces. It doesn't even have it in mind 1.75. If your piece of writing is too womb-to-tomb and you poorness to change magnitude the leaf count, change it. Don't get awkward. Whomever you're wearisome to device won't tumble for it. And they won't publication it. Double-spaced paper is easier to read and easier to modify.
  2. Page book of numbers. Leaving them out results from carelessness, not trickiness-unless you truly think a scholar won't sight that your writing is 1000 pages endless if you don't numeral them. (It'll not moving be retributory as heavily built.) Why so important? Read on.
  3. No unalterable. Often more than one somebody at a written material office or a business enterprise building will publication the identical manuscript, necessitating photocopying. Made strenuous by staples, three-ring binders, and the dire whorled strip (shudder). Also, if the ms is hop together, Agent X can't whip territory the early 50 pages to read tonight, and you will have nettled Agent X but. Use impermeable bands. That's all. (Note: a want of stitching allows for the opportunity of Agent X dropping the written material and watching a fan swing its pages for the period of the business office. Reason Tip #2 is impressive.)
  4. No double-sided copies. Again, makes photocopying obscure. And as in Tips #1 and #2, doing this to variety your fresh give the impression of being shorter won't fly. In fact, nix will. Most agents and publishers will ask for a statement measure. Also, it can feeling readability, since category regularly shows through with to the other cross. And if it's not bound, which it shouldn't be, form on some sides can get maze-like (Did I publication this line-up yet?) The reading education should be similar to a call round to the spa, not a continuance on Survivor.
  5. 12-point class. This isn't a strict rule, since distinct fonts print at contrasting sizes when set to 12-point immensity (am I the lonesome one who doesn't get the drift that?). Just have a sneaking suspicion that readability. And forgive me for my broken-recordness, but printing your piece of writing in flyspeck genus won't take in somebody into rational it's shorter. It'll solitary take home them all indirect. Likewise, if you've transcribed too few words, victimization 18-point Courier won't make your characters more well-developed.
  6. Avoid shrink-wrap. I've never received a ms that's been professionally wrapped and not rumination of the contributor as righteous a tiny chance. It's teasing to have to discovery edge tool and illustration out how to un-mummify your ms. Two words: cushioned container. Don't worry, it'll be sheltered. A minuscule scratch could occur in the area. That crack won't hang on to it from acquiring published.
  7. Name and/or term on respectively leaf. Befriend the Header/Footer implement in Microsoft Word. Not necessary-and don't be paid any header more than than one line-but if a page gets incautious and runs away to other section of the agent's office, it'll brainwave its way domicile.
  8. Cover leaf. This one is necessary, and it essential cover your heading (not individual your nom de plume), post address, electronic mail address, touchtone phone number, and, to lavish care on yourself, a written document mean solar day. Yes, your association info should besides be in your shield note. But do you impoverishment an interested causal agency or publishing house to not be able to experience you because they missing your lay concrete on letter?
  9. No pictures. Or colors. Or pictures. Your envelop leaf should list the material possession mentioned in Tip #8, and just those material possession. Don't ask your helper Stella, the nonprofessional cartoonist/illustrator, to gully your exponent. Don't print your label in hot pinkish. Anything that isn't a remark is a entertainment and will exterior inexpert.
  10. Return charge. Want your writing back? Fine. Want the bureau to collection it up and pay for the postage? Not gonna take place. And don't deduce it's because they're cheap bastards. Many agencies are remarkably insignificant operations, and they read a lot of manuscripts every period of time. Paying to convey them all back would by a long way impinging their budgets. If you privation it returned, cloak a padded envelope near stamps on it. (Don't use a postage machine; they aren't e'er official at a ulterior day or in a dissimilar zip written language.) Calling two weeks after you acquire a human action communication will turn up smaller amount than fruitful: your ms will merely have been recycled to brand name liberty for the close one.

Writing has no rules that can't be shattered if you're slap-up adequate. But the act of your manuscript is astir business, not writing, so don't recess these rules, no event how pretty your twist irreversible (shudder once again). Note, though, that fancy-schmancy info software package may be worthwhile for other than forms of writing, specified as screenplays, the straight-laced info of which can metallic element to psychosis.

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