The craggy high of the Mountain Zebra National Park's Bankberg clench ringing plains and deep valleys, and has become an fascinating keep for the Cape pike zebra.

The act of the parkland in 1937 rescued these animals from extinction, and currently their people stand at 350.

The park contains a born with a silver spoon in your mouth collection of building complex species and in spring the veld is sun-drenched beside flowers. Fynbos and renosterveld bush-league show a profit in the hot environmental condition where the rains come with fundamentally during earlier summer and season.

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The lay emphasis on of the park's class accumulation is demonstrably the Cape mountain equine after which the piece of ground is called. These zebra be dissimilar from the plains or Burchell's zebra, by having narrower stripes, absenteeism of darkness stripe and red facial timbre.

Mountain reedbuck and dull rhebok regular the greater areas, whilst catamount occupy the place of direct assailant.

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Other perceptible taxonomic group of the point tableland are the red hartebeest, eland and springbuck. In the much bosky valleys people should scour for kudu, and two of the park's more than new reintroductions, the African bison bison and the dark rhino.


Doornhoek Guest House, a repaired Victorian homestead, complaisant 6 persons, three bedrooms, en suite bathrooms(bath), fully outfitted kitchen.

They too have four-bed kinfolk cottages, respectively with two bedrooms, bathroom (shower) and fairly outfitted room.

All council house in the parcel is maintained on a daily basis and provided next to bedding, towels and cleansing agent.


- Game display from own vehicle.

- Short temperament trails.

- Day and night drives - bookings at salutation.

- San grotto paintings - bookings at salutation.

- Picnic areas

How to get there:

The parkland is to be found 12 km from the pretty town of Cradock on the Middelburg-Graaff Reinett road, and is 280 km from Port Elizabeth, 800 km from Cape Town, 800 km from Johannesburg and 1 050 km from Durban.

The right trail to the tract approach and supreme of the interior holidaymaker routes are gravel, whilst guaranteed sections are tarred or objective.

Gate Hours:

1 October to 31 March: 07:00 - 19:00

1 April to 30 September: 07:00 - 18:00

Climate in the Mountain Zebra National Park:

Summers are warm, and winter nights are frigorific. Rainfall averages several 390mm per annum, with regular precipitation on utmost dishonest areas.

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